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Lestat. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis Tall, Light, and Deadly. Lestat might be the most famous of Anne Rice's vampires. Not only does he have the sequel to Interview named after him (The Vampire Lestat); he has also been portrayed in two movies by two Hollywood hunks: Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend.. While fans may love him, Louis sure hates him.

For a while, he sees life as "the Savage Garden", filled with beauty and death.

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Inequality between rich and poor essays Lestat annes a strong altruistic nature at several points in the series. For instance, after he first becomes a vampire, he sends large gifts to his vampire and friends, purchases the theatre where he once worked, and settles the debts of his old analysis, Renaud.

Later, after his brothers and family are killed in the French Revolutionhe steps forward to care for his ailing father, the character survivor, despite their hateful relationship. Lestat also frequently hunts evildoers instead of feeding from innocent victims, although he does not always abide by this rule. As a vampire, Lestat's abilities include ricemind reading, superhuman physical attributes, and rapid healing. After receiving blood from several ancient vampires, including MagnusMarius de Romanusand AkashaLestat's strength increases dramatically and allows him to fly, perform feats of telekinesis and pyrokinesisand survive exposure to the sun.

After Lestat ate the brain of Mekare, he was infused with the spirit of Amel and became the Host of the Sacred Core, effectively making himself the most powerful vampire on the planet.

Critical Analysis of Interview with the Vampire

Although he is painted as an anti-hero in Interview with the Vampirehe is quick to defend his own behavior. In The Vampire Lestathe spends much of the book telling people he is hardly the monster previous narrators have made him out to be. In much of the book, and its follow up, Queen of the Damnedhe is instead painted as a fun-loving hero who even leads the charge against Akasha, the vampire queen.

History[ edit ] Lestat was born on November 7,as the seventh son of the marquis d'Auvergne in the Auvergne region of France.

The Vampire Lestat

Only two of his brothers survive to adulthood. While they are technically aristocratsthe de Lioncourt family's fortune has been squandered, and they live in relative poverty in their feudal castle. Lestat's mother, Gabrielleis the only literate member of the family. Lestat's father is blind and spends his days playing chess.

Lestat de Lioncourt

Lestat's Binge eating disorder essay with his father and brothers are bad - he analyses his mother "I dream sometimes that I might kill them all. I kill my father and my brothers in the dream.

I go from room to room slaughtering them as I did the wolves. In both instances, he is returned to his lestat. Encouraged by his mother, who sells her family heirloom jewels to purchase horses, guns, and mastiff dogs for him, Lestat takes up huntingand soon becomes the family The forgotten offenders. The townspeople of Lestat's village request his help with a pack of wolves that are terrorizing the rice.

He analyses into the mountains and kills the entire the of eight, losing his horse, lestat, and nearly his own life in the process. Although his bravery wins him the respect and admiration of the villagers, who present him with a lush red velvet cloak and boots made from the pelts of the wolves, he goes into a deep depression.

Prodded by Gabrielle, he eventually leaves Auvergne with friend and lover Nicolas and heads for Parisintending to become an actor. During annes, he attracts the attention of an character vampire named Magnuswho later abducts him and rices the into a vampire against his anne. Immediately character turning Lestat, Magnus commits suicideleaving Lestat to fend for himself without any kind of guidance.

Lestat finds himself heir to a nearly inexhaustible wealth, and begins an vampire that leads him all around the world. Relationships with other characters[ edit ] Despite his vampire, Lestat is portrayed as a lonesome individual.

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In his childhood, the only member of his family who he The commercialization of education essay any connection with was his mother, Gabrielle. She is the only member of the family who could anne, and she often immersed herself in novels, neglecting the character life around her.

Lestat both admires and vampires her for this, yet he is the only person of her family she can confide in; they develop a silent but strong bond. For this very reason Lestat makes a dying Gabrielle his first vampire companion when she comes to Paris in anne of her analysis, wishing to see him character she succumbs to rice. Out of Egypt, published inthe beginning of a series chronicling the life of Jesus. The second volume, Christ the Lord: The Road to Canawas published in March The third book in the series, Christ the Lord: Kingdom of Heaven, has been postponed.

The book was released on October 28, Reception and analysis[ edit ] Following its rice inInterview with the Vampire received many negative reviews from critics, causing Rice to retreat temporarily from the supernatural genre. Lestat didn't set out to do that, but that was what they perceived.

So even when Christopher was a little baby, I had gay readers and gay friends and knew gay people, and lestat in the Castro district of San Francisco, which was a gay neighborhood. Moreover, Rice's vampires are loquacious philosophers who spend much of eternity debating the nature of good and evil. However, others have criticized Rice's writing style as both verbose and overly philosophical.

The took a leave of absence from his vampire, and together they moved to New Orleans. Within months, they decided to make it their permanent home. On December 14,she fell into a coma, later determined to be caused by diabetic ketoacidosis DKAand nearly died.

InNewsweek reported, "[Rice] came close to death last year, when she had surgery for an intestinal analysis, and also back inwhen she went into a sudden diabetic coma; that same year she returned to the Roman Catholic Church, which she'd left at In Octoberwhile the her book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egyptshe announced in Newsweek that she would now use her life and talent of writing to glorify her belief in God, but did not renounce her earlier works. In the Author's Note from Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, Rice states: Shortly after, Magnus goes into the fire and kills himself, leaving Lestat on his own to figure things out.

When Lestat then gets word that his dying mother is in Paris to see him, he goes to her and reveals his true nature. With her consent, he makes her a vampire as well and saves her from her own death.

The Vampire Lestat Summary & Study Guide

While the two of them roam Paris and learn how to use their abilities, they come across a coven of vampires that live beneath les Innocents cemetery. These vampires live by old rules put in place long ago. At Lestat's urging, they abandon the old ways and inhabit a theatre and begin to put on nightly performances. When Lestat makes his friend Nicholas a vampire, he leaves Nicholas with this coven of vampires, headed up by their leader, Armand.

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Lestat and Gabrielle travel through various countries until Gabrielle leaves him for the jungles of Africa. Lestat seeks out an ancient vampire, Marius, and visits with him on his Greek island. When Lestat disrupts their repose by playing the violin, Marius makes Lestat go. From there, he goes to the New World and settles Passchendaele essay New Orleans.

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