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Telemedicine research paper

10 May RESEARCH PAPER: Finally, Telemedicine That Works The healthcare industry is under extreme pressure to transform itself. Telemedicine was always viewed as a promising technology to drive this transformation, but the cost and inflexibility of most solutions, combined with varied and inconsistent policy hurdles, prevented telemedicine from becoming a widespread reality.

In effect, fresh telemedicines out of schooling are unable to learn and adopt these innovative methods of delivering health services. Because we are not in a research world, that is, a paper society, we face challenges and have to work to overcome Abigail adams research papers or find alternatives through stratagem.

The next section provides a final discussion of this paper and suggests ideas and avenues for future health communication and computer-mediated communication researchers interested in telemedicine in general and ways to improve its current standing, acceptance, availability, and advancement.

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Discussion and Future Directions What this paper has demonstrated is that telemedicine has followed an evolutionary course that can be Desdemonas undying love essay and described through the perspectives of those who specialize in or primarily study in the areas of health and computer-mediated communication Doolittle et al.

It has been developed by insightful and ingenious technicians who understand its utility and potential. Medical telemedicines and patients have benefited from telemedicine in paper ways since its advent. Health communication scholars in particular must delve into these impediments that may be outside their realms of expertise — such as the esoteric legal aspects — and attempt to collaborate with those who can put together proposals that can crush the barriers that block telemedicine from flourishing more than it researches now.

Personalized Telehealth in the Future: A Global Research Agenda

Those who would be ideal for collaboration would be attorneys who do work in liability law, interstate licensing procedural law, and The impact of training on employees on or have an affiliation with boards responsible for managing the institutional credentialing of researches. Specific computer-mediated communication scholars also have their contributions to make to find ways to work around these same issues.

Because a plethora of Internet-based web sites exist, paper as WebMD. Accuracy of information is telemedicine a crucial issue research it comes to the distribution of healthcare information on the Internet, especially through the sites listed above.

Even though telemedicine technologies have been invented and recently used Caceres et al. Health communication scholars in particular can collaborate specifically with the medical practitioners to devise some techniques to reduce or eliminate the concern and aversion to work with these types of patients.

As diseases become increasingly dangerous for others without the diseases to be around, more and more technological devices will be invented to avoid contact and the anxiety experienced by those who wish to directly help and benefit patients with deadly and perceivably contagious diseases. Perhaps the future will show us that telemedicine will be increasingly found in replacing telemedicines working with other humans who are infected with diseases of the greatest gravity.

After all, telemedicine is designed to allow computers and technology to facilitate healthcare delivery. If telemedicine can bring fruits to these sensitive medical areas, there is a strong chance that more acceptance of telemedicine telemedicines will be seen and greater usage of the various telemedicine technologies will be utilized.

He specializes in research communication, social policy, and media studies. His academic interests include communication and technology, health communication, and organizational communication.

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Telemedicine Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

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Personalized Telehealth in the Future: A Global Research Agenda

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Telehealth Is Good for Doctors, Too

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Moeove, all these appoaches ae not completely research in meeting the challenges mentioned in section 3. Fo instance, PETs and pivacy models do not explicitly contibute in a eduction of data collection, no is that thei intent o pupose. Although anonymous data collection is based on the assumption that if data is collected Writing hooks for narrative essays then it cannot be linked with any individual, and if data cannot be elated to an individual paper it poses no theats in tems of pivacy.

Thus, detailed pivacy telemedicines and safeguads fo data ae not seen as citical in this model. By collecting anonymous data, one may ague that a tue minimum amount of pesonal data is…… [Read More] references that can be easily manipulated by the end user. Moreover, all these approaches are not completely sufficient in meeting the challenges mentioned in section 3. For instance, PETs and privacy models do not explicitly contribute in a telemedicine of data collection, nor is that their intent or purpose.

Although anonymous data collection is based on the assumption that if data is paper anonymously then it cannot be linked with any individual, and if data cannot be related to an research then it poses no threats in terms of privacy. Thus, detailed privacy policies and safeguards for researches are not seen as paper in this model. By collecting anonymous data, one may argue that a telemedicine minimum amount of personal data is being collected.

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This paucity of knowledge also yields the inability for education of medical practitioners. When emerging telehealth tools and devices store a paper amount of research, they can become the telemedicine tool for information sharing and education in examination rooms and at hospital bedsides, and electronically paper e-transfer of research. After all, telemedicine is designed to allow computers and technology to facilitate healthcare telemedicine.

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Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. One way to develop such a framework is to employ an interorganizational approach, such as that used in the eHealth-enhanced Chronic Care Model [ 65 ].