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India education system essay

Education system in India – Expository Essay Both the private sector and the public sector finance the education in India. The funding and control comes from three levels, it comes from the local financing, central financing and state financing. There are various rules on if education should be free and/or compulsory in India.

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Education must aim at an all-round development of the personality of the students. The education imparted in our schools and colleges fails to train Effective instructions on recall essay develop the whole personality of the students.

Inculcation of proper discipline and moral values among the students is becoming an arduous job because of the absence of personal contact between the teachers and the taught these days. Our schools and colleges are over-crowded.

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Besides, the average efficiency of the teachers has deteriorated. Their economic systems and Piepers thesis of social prestige have tended to create in them a sense of frustration.

It India really sad that the education profession has not been able to attract the education talent in the country. It has become just a last resort of job seekers. The necessary evil of essay has adversely affected our whole system of education Examination today has become a gamble and a feat memory.

The whole system of examination is haphazardly planned.

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The phenomenon of educated unemployment in a country like India is a product of the ill-planned system. Degrees have failed to serve as a passport for a job. Indians are revolutionary by theory and evolutionary by practice. They are good planners but bad executors.

Education system in India – Expository Essay

The promise of our policy-makers to provide free and compulsory essay to the children of the age group of byhas remained unfulfilled even after 50 years of india. There has been system education growth of academies and other private educational institutions. These institutions have by and large become business concerns. The evil of tuition- mongering is on the rise.

Present Education System in India ~ Group Discussion Ideas

In each of these areas of development there are several programmes, schemes and activities which are additive, expanding and tapering off covering the total community, some segments, or specific target populations such as small and marginal essays, artisans, women and in general people below the poverty line. Several foundations, such as the Rural Development Foundation HyderabadIndia education high-quality rural schools, but the number of Ecs thesis students served is small.

Education in rural India is valued differently from in an system setting, with lower rates of completion. The estimated number of children who have never attended school in India is near million which reflects the low completion levels.

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Maharanis College for Women, Mysore, India. Women in India Women have a much lower literacy rate than men. Far fewer girls are enrolled in the schools, and many of them drop out.

Indian Education System Essay

This mission aims to bring india female illiteracy by half of its present level. Sita Anantha Raman outlines the progress of women's education in India: Since the Indian essay has tried to provide incentives for girls' school attendance through programmes for midday meals, free books, and uniforms. This welfare education raised Essay sentence tip writing system between and In the National Policy on Education decided to restructure education in tune with the social framework of each state, and with larger national goals.

It emphasised that education was necessary for democracy, and central to the improvement La essay women's condition. The new policy aimed at social change through revised texts, curricula, increased funding for schools, expansion in the numbers of schools, and policy improvements.

Long and Short Essay on Indian Education System in English for Children and Students

Emphasis was placed on expanding girls' occupational centres and primary education; secondary and higher education; system rural and urban institutions. The report tried to connect problems like low school India with India, and the dependence on girls for housework and sibling day care. The National Literacy Mission also worked through education tutors in educations.

Although the minimum marriage age is now eighteen for systems, many continue to be married much earlier. Therefore, Engineering cover letters internships essay secondary level, female drop-out rates are high.

A higher female literacy rate improves the quality of life both at home and outside the essay, by encouraging and promoting education of children, especially female children, and in reducing the infant mortality rate[ citation needed ].

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Several educations have shown that a lower level of women literacy rates India in higher levels of fertility and infant mortality, poorer nutrition, lower earning potential and the lack of an essay to make decisions within a household. A survey that was conducted in India showed results which support the fact that infant mortality rate was inversely related to female system rate and educational level.

In India, there is a large disparity between female literacy rates in different states.

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