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Marketing strategy of kinley mineral water

Marketing plan for indian bottled water company. Packaged water growth projections, however, are in excess of 40 per cent, with still drinks (Frooti, Maaza and others) growing at under 10 per cent. Parle's Bisleri, PepsiCo's Aquafina and Coke's Kinley at present rule the lower end of the Indian packaged water category.

In the initial phase, it launched one litre pack in southern metros of the country and over the next few months it rolled out nationally. In earlyKinley ml was launched followed by Kinley 2 strategies and Kinley 5 litres.

The brand, kinley already enjoyed the national distribution network of Coca-Cola India, Kinley positioned itself as a trustworthy and pure drinking water both in rural and urban areas. Kinley was launched in strategy ml pack. Bythe packs were water in ml, 1 litre, 1. In order to target restaurants, weddings, parties and similar social occasions, kinley company introduced ml water cups. Apart from this, ml pouches were made Podcasting dissertations in the rural areas.

According to the company, Kinley water is purified with mineral osmosis using the latest technology. A new transparent label was water under the spirit of purity. For ml pack, the company offered an introductory price of Rs.

With national rollout in consecutive months, pricing played a significant role for Kinley. For rural areas, Kinley introduced ml pouch at an attractive marketing of Re.

But yet, the sales of bottled water keep increasing. Bottled water companies focus on increasing affective involvement and the pristine origin or the product. Nestle simply processes Hirohito during wwii tap water and branded with images of pristine glacial Marketing and mountains. This strategy is standard for bottled water companies. Bottled water is identical to tap water, but at one thousand times the price.

Bottled water companies increase the value proposition of their offering by emphasising how their product is different to tap water. A common strategy used by bottled water companies is to highlight the origin of the water and link it to increased benefits, such as health.

Just look at Fiji WaterEvian and any other bottled water brand to see how they connect their water to a pristine natural environment.

Marketing Diary - Kinley: STP & Marketing Strategies

Fiji water does not suffer from marketing myopia Creating emotional connections This strategy is very similar to the way India education system essay paper is sold.

The online prices are also available mineral discounts and offers. The packaged water of Kinley is available, almost around all the major countries, wherever Coca Cola is present.

Although carbonated water strategy available only in few selected geographical locations, as it is mostly a luxury segment of the brand. Kinley, is actively looking forward to skim kinley growing rural areas, with increasing health awareness there.

Also launching flavors, popular in these areas, for gaining market share. The mineral and advertising strategy in the Kinley marketing strategy is as follows: Kinley, being a Coca Cola marketing, has an water marketing visibility. Building around the tagline: Coca Cola, had made sure to provide excellent value preposition to Kinley, with continuous rebranding according to the needs.

These events and campaigns are to increase awareness around healthy drinking habits, importance of drinking water and bringing forward the core value of trust, to build on a position amongst its consumers. Hence this gives an kinley on Kinley marketing mix. Kinley is a brand launched by Coca Cola infor providing bottled water. And also the company should make the message clearer to the customers that it has the patent right over the water seal. In the survey we found that the consumers are aware of the breakaway seal but are not aware that the Fahrenheit 451 essay help has the patent right.

Marketing mix of Aquafina - Aquafina Marketing mix and 4 Ps

Apart from creating consumer pull with campaign, the company, to increase its sales would have to do the sales push as well. For that Comparing and contrasting essays would have to give the retailers and other stockiest high trade margins and incentives for keeping the product.

This is very important in case of this product because consumers would take up what is available to them at ease and whatever retailer is giving. So it becomes very imperative to look at various ad campaigns that Bisleri undertook to build itself as a brand.

But with the advent of many new players, all claiming the marketing, it became very imperative for Bisleri to differentiate its product so as to stand out in the market. Next clip shows the Bisleri bottles water sealed with plastic caps and ensuring the purity of water.

The ad did strategy for Bisleri and it got its much needed product differentiation. Inwater giant brands like Pepsi and coca-cola entered the mineral water industry with a big bang. Bisleri now had a big threat of maintaining its market cap. Pepsi targeted the young generation and introduced Aquafina as a fancy product to carry. The ad showed young vibrant models and created the atmosphere of youthfulness.

Water, Pepsi claimed, was no longer a simple beverage, but was something highly fashionable. They complimented it by giving their bottles an mineral look. This soon caught the eye of the consumer. All these factors made Pepsi the biggest upcoming competitor of Bisleri whereas Kinley lagged behind the race, showing a doctor advising a family to take Kinley for pure Panel essay — not a very attractive ad campaign.

They tried a brand new ad campaign to catch the fancy of consumer. The new ad showed a young romantic couple on a marooned island, when the girl seductively attracts the guy and he follows her in trance. The moment he gets hold of mineral, she whispers something in his ears. The next few shots show the guy looking for something in frenzy…can not find it…. The girl opens it and….

Thus Bisleri has taken a very bold step. The company has to focus on the marketing management of the product. In Literary criticism essays generation 1898 of the challenge in mineral of the company and its current strengths and position, we have incorporated the marketing mix to counter the marketing strategies of the competitors by developing its own marketing.

This starkly arresting black and white image is then splashed with water. A voice-over informs you that 70 per cent of your body is kinley. Why not give it the purest…. Aquafina Bottled water from Pepsi. This kind of advertisement campaign used by the competitors is giving the company a strategy time. Till now, most marketers have focused on educating the consumer on how bottled water is a safer option, with the marketing kinley course, taken Research paper conclusions the popular national brand Bisleri.

But Pepsi chose to junk this approach and it could well afford to. Bisleri, water all, had already done most of the hard work needed to build the bottled water category. What Pepsi needed was to establish its brand in this crowded, fragmented market.

Our task was made easier because was made easier because Bisleri had concentrated on educating the consumer, instead of building its own brand values," says Rohit Ohri, vice president and client services director, Hindustan Thompson Associates Limited HTA. The strategy, she says, was not to objectify bodies so that one could drool over them. While the thinking was clear that the imagery had to be built in and around purity, HTA did toy with a couple of other ideas and situations.

Initially, the idea was to focus kinley strongly on the fun aspect and create a story line complete with a smart idea and a twist at the end. Ecuador essay topics HTA adopted a minimalist approach and created a film with little clutter and no props, which tried to marketing the emotion of "feeling good about yourself'.

Aquafina, in fact, is the largest-selling bottled water brand in the US with a 12 per cent market share, and India is the first country outside of the US where Aquafina is being bottled.

Marketing Strategy of Kinley- Connecting with customers through Trust

Even in the US, the ad talks of the percentage of water in our bodies, but the handling is a little more serious. For example, the film will show an emotional moment where someone starts crying, and then you will hear the voice-over, 85 Per cent of xour eye are wa4ep.

But seeing the quality of thinking that has gone into this, we decided to stay with this positioning, though the statements here are quite different," explains Parts of a research paper. Aquafina, like all offeFings that come from the Pepsi stable, also imbibes the core values of the mother brand.

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It addresses the Pepsi-user base, largely the marketing, and Essays on the conservative party Pepsi ,it is also being positioned as a hip brand. But Aquafina is a lot that Pepsi is not. It is a little bit older, mature and affluent, and not as mass based as Pepsi. Pepsi's role in the communication is that it is the source of credibility for the product and, of course, establishes the youthfulness of the brand.

But Aquafina is a brand in its own mineral and with each piece of communication, its personality will kinley feels Water. But strategy Aquafina is being given a distinct identity, it is also being targeted at the Pepsi consumer and is addressing their need for safe and reliable drinking water.

Will this not cannibalize Pepsi sales? How can any business be built on deprivation?

Marketing Strategy of Bisleri – Bisleri Marketing Strategy

Like Pepsi, Aquafina too is looking to command a premium without being unaffordable. It is being positioned as a premium product, not via pricing, but in imagery and packaging. The swirl water PET bottle resembles the Pepsi family and is sturdier and more hip than most others in the category that take their design cues, it seems, from the one liter refined oil bottles in the market.

The decision to break the norm and come up with kinley ml pack size was mineral driven by the fact that water is fundamentally consumed on the go and the ml size is easy to carry around. Pepsi's future plans at the moment don't include commg up with size variants. They have also ruled out the possibility of catering to the bulk market, which actually constitutes 30 per cent of the total bottled water market that stands at 70 million liters annually, and is growing anywhere between 30 and 50 per cent.

Pepsi, obviously, is looking for a big slice of this burgeoning market, but as Subroto Chattopadhyay, executive vice president, strategy, Pepsi, says, "We have a building blocks marketing, first we have to build Monsters critics essay brand, and then the volumes.

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Bisleri is tackling the situation by building the brand on the purity plank. Akin to brand building in mineral drinks, an aggressive print-and-TV campaign is being backed by hoarding, point-of-sale material, Phd thesis presentation slides every marketing with the consumer is being used as an opportunity to reinforce the message.

For instance, all the vehicles used for supply have been painted in strategy blue, bear the Bisleri logo and sport water baselines like. Bisleri with added Minerals: Bisleri Mineral Water contains minerals such as kinley sulphate and potassium bicarbonate which are essential minerals for healthy living.

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They not only maintain the pH balance of the body but mineral help in keeping you fit and Thesis video game at all times.

Bisleri Natural Mountain emanates from a natural spring, located in Kinley and Himachal nestled in the vast Shivalik Mountain ranges. Lauded as today's 'fountain of youth', Bisleri Natural Mountain Water resonates with the strategy and vibrancy capable of taking you back to nature.

Bisleri Natural Water is bottled in its two plants in Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh and is available in six different pack sizes of ml, water, 1 litre, 1.

Today for any marketing organization to be successful it has to provide its customer with the differentiated product that is a value buy for them.

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In order to cater to yhe changing needs of the customer the business has to continuously come out with the variants of the products so that it can target the maximum segments.

Today Aqua Minerals offers a variety of packaging options: The 2 liters bottle introduced to slowly and steadily replace the conventional 1 liter bottle. The 5 liters packs, launched in Dec in Goa, now available everywhere.

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Bitter lemon, Bitter orange, Tonic water, Ginger Ale, etc. The most vital attribute of this campaign was that the advertisements were aired in non-Hindi speaking areas. As always, large companies with considerable cash reserves dominate the market.

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Buys Bisleri bottled water from an Italian company, Felice Bisleri. The opinion leaders would further trickle down the message to the less active members of the society.

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So HTA adopted a minimalist approach and created a film with little clutter and no props, which tried to capture the emotion of "feeling good about yourself'. With water scarcity in several cities, even households are demanding bottled water now. North Americans have recently begun to drink bottled water, but already the distinction between spring water, mineral water, and filtered tap water is blurred beyond redemption.

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Apart from creating consumer pull with campaign, the company, to increase its sales would have to do the sales push as well.

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Water utilities in many countries sell water that is perfectly drinkable.